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 Bunny Bread
 Bunny Bread
mal wieder richtig lachen...HASENBROT -  ein Heidenspass für jung und alt.

A little nonsense for a change

224 pages, paperback

Price: 14,90 EUR

ISBN 978-3-7543-1844-7

1st Edition May 2022

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Bunny Bread

A story from the German Ruhr region
of yesteryear


Just as a dog sometimes feels the need to have a good scratch because its fur is itching, children also occasionally have the desire to drive their fellow human beings up the wall with pranks. And who didn’t cook up some nonsense or other themselves as a child - and then enjoy the fun?

So this story is also full of nonsense, but harmless nonsense as well as harmless people who do no harm to the world. It tells of a time that was very different from today, of people who thought very differently and also treated their fellow human beings very differently because of it.

It is a story of laughter and sometimes wistful memories of a Ruhr region that no longer exists in this form.


Expected publication date May 2022

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